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Project Planning: Putting It All Together (Coursera)

Nov 28th 2022
Project Planning: Putting It All Together (Coursera)
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This is the third course in the Google Project Management Certificate program. This course will explore how to map out a project in the second phase of the project life cycle: the project planning phase. You will examine the key components of a project plan, how to make accurate [...]

Global Public Procurement (Coursera)

Students will learn the key principles of public procurement with public entities, including national international organizations. This course also illustrates practical examples and models on understanding the processes and procedurals of public procurement. Through the course, students will learn practical information such as registering as vendors and finding and [...]

Strategic Procurement and Sourcing Conclusions (Coursera)

This course will be the final course in the Global Procurement and Sourcing Specialization. We will covering three things: First, there will be a final set of readings of articles that are looking at the future of Strategic Procurement and Sourcing. While many of the articles differ in their [...]

Supply Chain Principles (Coursera)

This course will provide a solid understanding of what a supply chain is all about. The course: provides an introduction to Supply Chain; leverages graphics to promote the Integrated Supply Chain model; emphasizes understanding the Extended Supply Chain; presents a holistic approach – Incorporating People, Process, and Technology; calls-out [...]

Supply Chain Sourcing (Coursera)

Have you ever wondered how companies manage relationships with their thousands of suppliers? Sourcing is an important part of managing a successful supply chain. This course introduces you to the exciting area of supply chain sourcing. Part of a broader specialization on Supply Chain Management, you will master the [...]

Procurement Basics (Coursera)

This Course includes basic information on procurement, Importance of the procurement organization and its’ role in the organization, cost vs. value, processes such as the use of RFQ, RFP, RFX, Differences between direct and indirect procurement, and Stakeholder management

Procurement & Sourcing Introduction (Coursera)

Following the introduction, the student will get the opportunity to learn about some of the current challenges facing procurement and sourcing professionals today through reading ten current articles ranging from what is procurement to how to collaborate with suppliers.

Construction Cost Estimating and Cost Control (Coursera)

This course introduces the types of cost estimation from the conceptual design phase through the more detailed design phase of a construction project. In addition, the course highlights the importance of controlling costs and how to monitor project cash flow. Students will work on a break-even analysis of construction [...]

Sustainable Supply Chain Planning, Sourcing, and Procurement (edX)

Learn the fundamental concepts of planning, sourcing, and procurement with applied sustainable techniques. The course will begin with content on how to integrate sustainability and circularity into planning and sourcing. The course demonstrates the importance of efficiency and long-term planning to ensure the minimization of waste and the maximization [...]

Procurement & Logistics Management (edX)

Learn fundamental concepts regarding the flow of goods and materials throughout the supply chain. Starting from procurement and continuing with logistics; including the management of inventory, transportation and facilities in the distribution network ​- part of the ISCEA CSCA - Certified Supply Chain Analyst - Internationally Recognized Certificate. [...]