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Sports and Society (Coursera)

Sports play a giant role in contemporary society worldwide. But few of us pause to think about the larger questions of money, politics, race, sex, culture, and commercialization that surround sports everywhere. This course draws on the tools of anthropology, sociology, history, and other disciplines to give you new [...]

Richard Schechner's Introduction to Performance Studies (Coursera)

Performance Studies: An Introduction explores the wide world of performance--from theatre, dance, and music to ritual, play, political campaigns, social media, and the performances of everyday life. Performance studies also ranges across cultures--Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, the Americas. And it spans historical periods from the art of the [...]

Teaching the Violin and Viola: Creating a Healthy Foundation (Coursera)

Join us as we explore the fundamental principles and early stages of teaching violin and viola through a series of engaging video lectures and lesson demonstrations, including: 1) Master classes with some of the world’s top string pedagogues, 2) Individual lesson demos of teaching violin/viola set up, left and [...]

Coping with Changes: Social-Emotional Learning Through Play (FutureLearn)

Oct 19th 2020
Coping with Changes: Social-Emotional Learning Through Play (FutureLearn)
Free Course
Learn how to provide playful and engaging social emotional learning (SEL) support to children affected by COVID-19 disruption. Discover mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) and SEL strategies. COVID-19 means children around the world must adjust to school closure, social distancing, school reopening (but looking different), and the probability [...]

Exploring Play: The Importance of Play in Everyday Life (FutureLearn)

Understanding the nature and value of play through the course of our lives, across cultures and communities. This course from the School of Education at the University of Sheffield will encourage you to think differently about play.