Physical Design

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Relational Database Support for Data Warehouses (Coursera)

Relational Database Support for Data Warehouses is the third course in the Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence specialization. In this course, you'll use analytical elements of SQL for answering business intelligence questions. You'll learn features of relational database management systems for managing summary data commonly used in business intelligence [...]
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Leaders of Learning (edX)

Explore and understand your own theories of learning and leadership. Gain the tools to imagine and build the future of learning. All of us carry explicit or implicit theories of learning. They manifest themselves in the ways we learn, the ways we teach, and the ways we think about [...]
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Models in Architecture – design through physical & digital models (edX)

Learn to develop your architectural designs by using scale models as well as Virtual Reality representations. Physical and digital design skills are key to practitioners in art, design, and engineering, as well as many other creative professions. Models are essential in architecture. In design practice all kinds of physical [...]
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