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Diseño instruccional para el aprendizaje activo (Coursera)

Diversos estudios han demostrado que las técnicas de aprendizaje activo, mejoran el nivel de interés y aprendizaje del alumno. Reportan que la enseñanza tradicional basada en la clase magistral y la evaluación mediante un examen final, han demostrado ser una herramienta poco eficaz para evaluar el proceso de aprendizaje. [...]
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Using Open Educational Resources in Teaching (POK)

Open Educational Resources are the result of a different approach to education: the focus in on sharing, improving and reusing educational materials created by people (not only super-experts) who are willing to let knowledge spread and be used by anyone.
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Designing with Open Educational Resources (OER) (edX)

Learn about Open Education, Creative Commons attributions, and how to identify, evaluate, design and publish OER. Today’s classrooms are dynamic, engaging and active learning spaces and our resources should be as well. Sadly, many of the available learning resources are too expensive or not dynamic or too broad to [...]
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Introduction to Open Education (edX)

Learn about open education and how it can significantly reduce costs, increase agency and transparency, and improve learning outcomes. Open education has come a long way over the last two decades in reshaping the effectiveness and economics of education.
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