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Product Innovation Management (Coursera)

This third course in the product development specialization discusses the business side of product development. The course begins with an overview of marketing and pricing strategies, and how company’s price their products today.

Creative Design, Prototyping, and Testing (Coursera)

Designing the customer and user experience is essential to creating great products today. Gone is the old paradigm of “form follows function” model of design. The process must be iterative and follow the best product design and development processes. While designing a great user experience can be a lengthy [...]

Entrepreneurship (Coursera)

May 6th 2024
Entrepreneurship (Coursera)
Course Auditing
Participants will learn key aspects of business ideation, planning, and execution, developing the ability to create and manage successful entrepreneurial ventures. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, this course prepares individuals to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and drive innovation in the entrepreneurial [...]

Managing the New Product Development Process (Coursera)

This course covers the product development process in detail. With the opportunity defined, learners begin with ideation techniques such as Design Thinking to create new product concepts. Learners define the tools to create product specifications that meet customer requirements, then conceptualize different ways of meeting those requirements. Learners conclude [...]

Achieving Product-Market Fit (edX)

Learn how to truly know your target customer, your customer’s underserved needs, your value proposition, your product feature set, and your user experience, then integrate this knowledge into product and market requirements and positioning plans.