Leadership for Public Health Crises Specialization

Leadership for Public Health Crises will enable current and prospective managers,
directors, unit heads, and elected officials to effectively lead their
organizational response to profound health-related emergencies and to build
leadership capacity across multiple sectors, agencies, organizations, and
divisions. This series of courses prepares
graduate students (in, e.g., public administration, public health, social work,
business, homeland security, education, and related fields) and practitioners
in a range of roles in this broader arena who seek to attain or advance in
leadership roles. The courses focus on foundational
competencies required to confidently and competently lead in preparation for
and response to far-reaching health-related crises, including communication,
cross-agency collaboration, organizational contingency planning, and data analysis,
especially as these relate to civilian sectors.

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Connect with Diverse Audiences during a Public Health Crisis (Coursera)

Sep 26th 2022
Connect with Diverse Audiences during a Public Health Crisis (Coursera)
Course Auditing
Public health communicators have a duty to communicate health information with integrity, accuracy, and clarity. For messaging to be most effective, public health communicators must help their audiences draw meaningful connections with the information being shared, and connect with them in ways that foster trust and [...]

Communication and Leadership during a Public Health Crisis (Coursera)

As the world changes dramatically around us, leadership skills are necessary to help keep the population safe and healthy. This course emphasizes why it is important to build leadership skills in public health positions and work with diverse teams while immersed in a crisis. The course is designed to [...]

Disaster, Crisis, and Emergency Preparedness Communication (Coursera)

This course will introduce you to basic concepts of emergency management, planning, and crisis risk communication. You will understand the definitions of and operational challenges associated with disasters and public health emergencies. You will identify important components of risk communication, and you will identify and evaluate the ways social [...]