Leadership and Negotiation Skills Specialization

This Specialized Program is aimed at leaders who are interested in consolidating their negotiation and communication skills, applying communication techniques that improve relationships and favor cooperation between the parties involved.
Through 3 courses, develop your skills to analyze the “social” perspective of a negotiation and its impact on successful agreements, identify and develop the most important communication skills: assertiveness and empathy, and learn the different styles and strategies of negotiation based on the expected results and their impact on the relationship between the parties involved.
- Implement the key negotiation skills and styles to carry out effective negotiations and reach satisfactory agreements.
- Develop communication skills: assertiveness and empathy.
- Understand the importance of communication in people's lives and thus boost the improvement in our ability to effectively socialize.

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Negotiation Strategies and Styles (Coursera)

The dilemma of the negotiator is a phenomenon that is derived from the tension that arises when, in the light of a specific situation, the optimum negotiation strategy must be discerned. The term was made popular by Professors David Lax and James Sebenius, of the Harvard Business School, to [...]
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Effective Communication for Today’s Leader (Coursera)

Interpersonal communication is one of the most important management skills: everyday we relate with our bosses, collaborators, customers and colleagues. Being a good communicator is synonym to being a good leader. Interpersonal and group communication helps us to create better business environments, and therefore, to have better [...]
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Negotiation Skills and Effective Communication (Coursera)

We start making negotiations as soon as our day begins, through all our interactions, either work, social, or family-related. But have you ever wondered how efficiently you negotiate, and whether you could be better at it? This is a straightforward opportunity to put into practice all the knowledge you [...]
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