Introduction to Business Specialization

This specialization is intended for novice business professionals seeking to develop management, leadership, finance, and digital marketing skills with the ultimate goal of preparing learners to operate or participate in the operation of a business. Throughout the three courses, learners will cover people management, the key features of leadership, strategic planning, search engine strategies, reputation management, content creation, common financial statements, cash flow, and expense management.

- Determine content that resonates with consumers and how businesses can differentiate themselves in competitive markets with that content.
- Explore business growth best practices, including the basics of management, employee leadership development, and strategic planning.
- Utilize critical financial information to help run and grow a business while managing cash flow and expenses.
- Apply the key fundamentals of leadership to developing a superior team.

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Fundamentals of Finance (Coursera)

Welcome to Fundamentals of Finance. This 4 module course will help you understand and affect the performance of your unit or organization’s profitability. By the end of this course, you will be able to implement finance and accounting concepts to drive your organization's growth, analyze financial statements and understand [...]

Essentials of Management and Strategic Planning (Coursera)

Essentials of Management and Strategic Planning introduces learners to the basics of running a business and strategies for improving an organization’s growth and profitability. Learners will gain a better understanding of management and leadership, along with how the two are different, and how strong leadership plays a role in [...]

Introduction to Digital Marketing (Coursera)

Although traditional marketing strategies are still used, companies continue to shift their focus to digital approaches such as search engines, social media. These technologies take into account the journey of the customer and how they make their purchase decisions. It is important for marketers to have an understanding of [...]