Food Hygiene

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Introduction to HACCP for Food Safety (FutureLearn)

Jun 27th 2022
Introduction to HACCP for Food Safety (FutureLearn)
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Build your knowledge of HACCP standards and implement a Food Safety Management System to keep your customers safe. Improve your food safety standards. In every country in the world, food safety is governed by regulations and standards. If a food service establishment does not comply with these standards, they [...]

Food Safety and Personal Hygiene in a Professional Kitchen (FutureLearn)

Develop processes to maintain the required standards of food safety and personal and workplace hygiene in a professional kitchen. Gain the skills to handle food from start to finish in a safe and hygienic way. Hygiene is so important in food preparation. If caterers, chefs and wait staff are [...]

Preventing and Managing Infections in Childcare and Pre-school (FutureLearn)

Understand how infectious diseases spread and how to protect children from infections. Identify how to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in children. Microbes live everywhere, especially in childcare settings where children play together at close quarters. They come in all shapes and sizes – and not all are [...]

e-Bug Health Educator Training (FutureLearn)

Improve your ability to teach children and young people how to prevent the spread of infection and to use antibiotics responsibly. Learn how to use the e-Bug teaching resource. e-Bug is operated by Public Health England (PHE) as a free educational resource for teaching young people aged 4-18 about [...]