Computer Technology

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AI and the Illusion of Intelligence (Coursera)

Will AI soon be surpassing humans? This is rapidly becoming one of the central questions of our time -- but it is the wrong question. In this course, we will provide a non-technical look at where AI has come from, and where it is going. We will see that [...]

Introduction to Quantum Computing (edX)

This course is an approachable introduction to the weird and complex world of quantum computing. Interested learners can develop an understanding of the physics and computer science behind this new technology. This course introduces students to the fundamentals of quantum computing and helps them understand and create quantum solutions [...]

Can Computers think? An Introduction to the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence (Skillshare)

Have you ever thought about Artificial Intelligence? If so, you must have been confused as to whether or not Computers can think. In this course we shall be exploring different issues in the Philosophy of Intelligence. We shall explore a number of issues including whether or not a Computer [...]

Enseigner et former avec le numérique en mathématiques (FUN)

L’objectif du MOOC Enseigner et Former Avec le Numérique en Mathématiques (eFAN Maths) est de se former à construire des situations d’apprentissage des mathématiques tirant profit de supports numériques. Par rapport à la première saison de eFAN Maths (novembre-décembre 2014), de nouvelles ressources ont été développées, en relation avec [...]