Business Foundations

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Entrepreneurship I: Laying the Foundation (Coursera)

This course will explore the earlier stages of the entrepreneurial venture process across four modules. The modules will examine the nature of growth and error in entrepreneurial settings and how to manage resources in those settings. In addition, the modules will explore the emergence and existence of entrepreneurial [...]

Structure: Building the Frame for Business Growth (Coursera)

Just like when building a house the foundation for your business provides the framework for success. A business built on weak structure will struggle to succeed. We'll address some of the most pressing issues that you as a business owner must face while constructing the proper framework for your [...]

Business Foundations (edX)

This is business in a nutshell; learn key concepts and frameworks that underpin business. Do you speak “business"? You will. This course is designed to give you the terminology, concepts and frameworks necessary to understand businesses, to unpack their constituent parts, and to build your own tool-kit for strategy [...]