Market Opportunity

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Entrepreneurship I: Laying the Foundation (Coursera)

This course will explore the earlier stages of the entrepreneurial venture process across four modules. The modules will examine the nature of growth and error in entrepreneurial settings and how to manage resources in those settings. In addition, the modules will explore the emergence and existence of entrepreneurial [...]

The Location Advantage (Esri)

Explore how location analytics can be used in business. Location analytics uses the locational component of business data to improve users’ understanding of their market, customers, and business processes. Organizations throughout the world use location analytics to make better decisions and gain a competitive advantage. [...]

Find the right markets for your innovation - A tool for entrepreneurs and innovators for choosing which markets to play in. (edX)

Learn how to apply the Market Opportunity Navigator - a three-step tool for identifying, evaluating and strategizing market opportunities - to get the most value for your innovation. As entrepreneur or innovator you are trained to run fast, but… are you running in the right direction?