Biomedical Equipment: Repair Maintenance and Healthcare Technology Management Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
- Understand the basics of a variety of commonly used diagnostic, therapeutic and laboratory instruments.
- Effectively maintain, troubleshoot and repair biomedical instruments.
- Sharpen the skillset of troubleshooting a biomedical instrument in a timely manner.
- Reduce the repair time and cost by using effective proven strategies and practices.
- Understand the know-hows of healthcare technology management.
- Plan, assess and create a budget for biomedical equipment.
- Procure relevant and appropriate biomedical equipment from certified vendors.
- Pilot testing and managing the devices while under operation.
- Correctly dispose and decommission the biomedical equipment.
- Overcome pitfalls and challenges faced in the management of biomedical devices in low-resource settings.

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Biomedical Equipment: A Practical Approach to Healthcare Technology Management (edX)

Feb 15th 2024
Biomedical Equipment: A Practical Approach to Healthcare Technology Management (edX)
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Enhance your knowledge and skills in effective methods of managing the lifespan of biomedical equipment in a limited-resource environment. With limited resources increasingly prevalent, healthcare technology management is often a challenge. Through this course we offer a practical approach to healthcare management that is tailored to this particular healthcare [...]