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Katja Engelhardt supports all aspects of the "Creative Classrooms Lab" project (April 2013- March 2015), in particular the coordination of school pilots in 45 schools around tablet experimentations. Before joining European Schoolnet in 2012, she followed the negotiations on the new "Erasmus+" programme as a trainee in the Council of the European Union.

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Feb 20th 2017

The course offers teachers an opportunity to access useful resources and exchange with peers on the challenging topic of cultural diversity in classrooms. The course is part of a 3-part series of courses exploring the topic of cultural diversity, the situation of newly arrived migrants in general and how to integrate newly arrived migrant students in schools and classrooms.

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Tablets with their simple interface, portability, speed, affordability and their variety of apps are quickly moving into schools across Europe and a growing number of teachers are experimenting with tablets or are interested in doing so. However, most of us are faced with the same questions: What rules do I need to set for the use of tablets in class? How do I deal with related administrative and technical issues? How can tablets support innovative approaches such as personalized or collaborative learning? This course does not only provide guidance on these topics but also provides a forum for you to exchange with your peers on these questions.

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