Carlos J. Torelli

I am Professor of Marketing in the Department of Business Administration at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. My research focuses on cross-cultural consumer psychology. Specifically, I try to identify the key cultural factors that drive consumers' reactions in a globalized economy. My research specialties include global branding, the social psychology of power, cross-cultural consumer behavior, and persuasion.
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Global Marketing: Building Iconic Brands (Coursera)

Global Marketing: Iconic Brands uses the cultural frameworks introduced in Global marketing: Cultural Frameworks to guide the process of crafting a culturally focused marketing plan for a global expansion. The course introduces the key steps for developing a global marketing plan, starting with an environmental analysis of the new [...]

Global Impact: Cultural Psychology (Coursera)

Globalization has brought dramatic changes to the marketplace. A proliferation of global brands brings diverse cultures to a consumer population that is also growing culturally diverse. This course enables students to understand how globalization changes consumers at a psychological level, and provides tools for imbuing brands with cultural meanings—creating [...]

Global Marketing: Cultural Frameworks (Coursera)

This course reviews the dramatic changes that Globalization has brought to businesses. Markets are growing culturally diverse and companies face the challenge of managing an increasing culturally diverse workforce. It is then increasingly important for managers to incorporate cultural variables into their decision making [...]