Bridget Tombleson




Bridget is a PR professional with sixteen years’ experience in public relations, media relations, issues management, strategy development and internal communications. Bridget has worked in government, corporate and consultancy roles in Australia and overseas. She has developed a new unit called Transmedia Storytelling for the Public Relations course at Curtin University. As a part of this she teaches across multiple platforms and embeds PR skills that will be sought after in the future, so graduates are relevant upon graduation. Bridget is currently researching students’ engagement with new technologies (in particular social media platforms) and learning in a transmedia storytelling environment.

Bridget has strong skills in research and analysing trends backed by a Master of Public Relations, a Postgraduate Diploma in Business and a BA English. She specialises in media, science communication, issues management, finance and banking, online communications, government, construction, and IT public relations.

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Jul 3rd 2017

Learn how to develop, manage and protect a company’s online reputation through social media including Facebook and Twitter. In this course, you’ll take on the role of a communications manager for a fictional organisation, making key decisions that will affect its online reputation.

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