Oct 10th 2016

Social Determinants of Health: What Is Your Role? (FutureLearn)

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Explore the social, environmental and economic factors that affect health and how health professionals can improve health equity. Social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. These factors can all have an impact on health. But what exactly are they and how much impact do they have?

Understand and address health inequalities

This free online course will help you to understand health inequalities and how they are socially driven. We will look at how health is affected by wider determinants and how you can make a difference as a health professional to close the health inequality gap.

Through a range of case studies from high to low income countries, you will gain a better understanding of:

- social determinants of health;

- why health inequalities exist;

- and the role of health professionals and systems in reducing health inequality.

Learn with the BMJ and Institute of Health Equity

The course has been developed by BMJ Learning – a provider of high-quality continuing medical education for doctors and other healthcare professionals – and the Institute of Health Equity (IHE) at University College London (UCL).

IHE is a leading authority in the subject of health inequality and led the World Health Organization (WHO) commission on social determinants of health.

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