Jul 1st 2015

On-Ramp to AP French Language and Culture (edX)

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A three week class to boost your confidence before starting your AP French Language and Culture class.

Students who enroll in the French Language and Culture AP class must be ready to engage right from the beginning of the year in oral and written communication. The basis of the French grammar must be solid and the idea behind this course is to solidify these basis to allow student to enter the class with a strong foundation that will allow them to start communicating from the beginning of the school year, keeping the grammar to a minimal amount of review during the course of the school year.

The online class will cover:

- Review of basic conjugations, irregular presents,

- Passé composé / imparfait,

- Future simple, conditional present and past

- Infinitif

- Subjunctive present and past, its use

- Relative pronouns

- Complement pronouns

- Demonstrative pronouns

- Possessive pronouns

- Comparisons

- Indirect discourse

- Writing an essay 101

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What you'll learn:

- Review of grammar points (possessives, demontratives, object pronoms)

- Review of verb conjugations and their uses (different tenses and modes)

- Writing a composition for the AP exam