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Program Arcade Games - Learn Computer Science (Simpson College)

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This is a first semester course in learning how to program. Are you here because you want to create your own games? Excellent! But you might soon find that this looks like work. We all know we'd rather skip work and go farming for gold in WoW or Eve or some other game, right? So why learn to program? What does a person get out of it?

- Learn to Make Games and Get Paid

Learn how to make games and get paid? Ok, I won't pay you, but if you learn to program, there are plenty of people that will pay you. Here's how to profit:

Learn to program games.

Have fun making your own games.

Select favorite job offer.


Look, no ??? in this plan!

Think about it. You can play games, but anyone can do that and it really isn't much of an accomplishement in life if you think about it. Or you can learn to create games. People care about that.

Now you may be here to create games, but tell your parents and co-workers you are studying computer science. It sounds better.

- Why Study Computer Science?

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Computer Engineering is the best-paid degree, Computer Science is third best paying degree, and Information Science is the 10th. Most of the other degrees are also in technology-related and involve software.

Computer engineers work at integrating computer programs with hardware. In today's engineering market, most of those engineering jobs will need to know some computer programming. Information Science is a degree for people who like computers but never really liked programming. This book aims to make sure that isn't you.

While learning to program games, you can be studying towards the best paying four year degrees you can get. And let's be honest, those engineering degrees usually take five years. Computer Science is a great bet for a career.

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