Oct 10th 2016

Introduction to Italian Opera (edX)

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Explore Italian Opera in this two-act learning experience as we learn to listen to music in new ways. Want to listen to an opera for the first time? Have you been listening to opera for your entire life? This course is suited for beginners and advanced opera listeners alike! This course is an introduction to Italian opera, focusing on giving you the tools and experiences to become better students of opera.

Act I will give you a toolbox of skills to listen for specific moments and gestures in opera. Act II will focus applying these skills to listening activities with your favorite Italian composers. At the end of the course, we will help you to carry these experiences beyond the course, encouraging you to become lifelong listeners and lovers of opera.

No previous knowledge of music or opera is necessary. Join us as we embark upon this community-focused journey to explore the wonders of Italian opera as it touches upon the human experience!

What you'll learn

- History of Italian opera

- Conventions in Italian opera

- Close listening skills

- Musical analysis skills

- Opportunities to connect with opera and opera lovers locally and globally

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