Oct 9th 2017

Introduction to Frisian (FutureLearn)

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Learn to speak, write and understand the second official language of the Netherlands with this free introductory language course. Did you know that, besides Dutch, a second official language is spoken in the Netherlands? It’s a language even more closely related to English than Dutch. This language is called Frisian.

Maybe you’re interested in minority languages. Or perhaps you’re keen to learn the language that is considered to be very close to English. Or it could be that you have Frisian roots or plan to visit the beautiful province of Friesland and would like to understand the local language.

Whatever your reason, this free online course is perfect if you have little or no prior knowledge of Frisian, but would like to master the fundamentals of the language considered to be ‘the nearest cousin of English’.

Learn basic Frisian

Over three weeks you will learn:

- To introduce yourself and get to know other learners

- To talk about your family, friends, work and study

- About life in Friesland.

Speak, write and understand useful Frisian

During the course, you will learn Frisian phrases, greetings, vocabulary, numbers, spelling and grammar. By the end of the course, you will be able to recognise familiar words and phrases about yourself and your family. You will be able to use simple sentences to describe where you live and the people you know.

Finally, you will be able to write short texts such as an email or fill in forms with personal details. The main focus will be on receptive skills such as reading and listening.

In short, this course will give you a taste of language skills that will help you to survive in a Frisian-speaking environment.

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