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Sep 21st 2015 - Self-Paced

Learn about the ornate liturgical books used in medieval cathedrals and monasteries, and their purpose in the Middle Ages.

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Sep 21st 2015 - Self-Paced

Go behind the scenes at Harvard’s libraries to discover how readers in the first information age interacted with their books.

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Sep 21st 2015

Learn about the role of books during the Enlightenment and how literature emerged as a modern form of culture.

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Sep 22nd 2014

Comic books have arrived! "Comic Books and Graphic Novels" presents a survey of the comic book canon and of the major graphic novels in circulation today. Its governing question is simple: by what terms can we discuss comic books as literary art? In pursuit of that question it develops a theory of literary reading and time itself.

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Nov 18th 2013

College instructors who have ever thought of creating a book should rush to sign up for this no-tuition course. In less than 24 hours, spread over a few weeks, they can learn the pros and cons of peer reviews, how to write and publish a book while teaching a full load, and how to have a book on the shelves -- or better yet on iPhones -- in less than a month.

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