Jun 8th 2016

Introduction to Engineering (edX)

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The application of knowledge to design and build devices, systems, materials and processes in engineering. The goal of this engineering course is to provide high school students and college freshmen a broad outline of engineering and help them decide on a career in engineering. This course will focus on exploring the different disciplines of engineering and providing participants with a broad background in different areas of engineering.

Do you want to learn how race-cars are built? How robots are able to work independently? How is energy harvested? How is energy stored? How are organs built? How is the body imaged? How do you design an aircraft? How do electrons travel in micro and nanoelectronics? How are drugs delivered in the body? How do you build on soils that are unstable? How do robots see? How is light used in devices? How is data stored and managed? How is pollution mitigated? How are electrical signals processed? How are strong and tough materials designed and built? How is thermal energy managed? How is data transmitted? How are systems integrated? How do you make sure goods and services reach their destination?

These are all things that engineers are dealing with on a daily basis and will form the basis of this course.

What you'll learn:

- History of Engineering

- Introduction to Bioengineering, Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical

- Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering design