Feb 29th 2016

Engineering: Building with Nature (edX)

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Learn how to use ecological and engineering design principles to develop more effective and sustainable hydraulic infrastructure.

If you’re interested in the concept of building with nature, then this is the engineering course for you. This course explores the use of natural materials and ecological processes in achieving effective and sustainable hydraulic infrastructural designs. You will learn the Building with Nature ecosystem-based design concept and its applications in water and coastal systems. During the course, you will be presented with a range of case studies to deepen your knowledge of ecological and engineering principles.

You’ll learn from leading Dutch engineers and environmental scientists who see the Building with Nature integrated design approach as fundamental to a new generation of engineers and ecologists.

Join us in exploring the interface between hydraulic engineering, nature and society.

What you'll learn

- Basic engineering design principles, and basic ecological principles, relevant to the Building with Nature approach

- How to assess which principles are applied in several case studies and so form your own opinion on whether the hydraulic infrastructure is meeting engineering, ecosystem and societal goals

- How to apply your new knowledge in assessing the potential for Building with Nature solutions where you live