May 22nd 2017

From Crime to Punishment: an Introduction to Criminal Justice (FutureLearn)

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What is crime? How does criminal justice work in England and Wales? Find out more by following a case through the system. What happens when a crime is allegedly committed in the UK? Now’s your chance to find out. On this course you’ll follow a suspect through the journey of investigation, prosecution and adjudication.

You’ll step inside the courtroom - discovering how criminal justice processes work in England and Wales - and learn about the criminal law and key institutions like the police and the courts.

What will you achieve?

- Identify different definitions of ‘crime’

- Describe, in basic terms, key processes in criminal justice including investigation, prosecution, defence, adjudication and sentencing

- Develop a reasoned view on the values underpinning criminal justice processes in England and Wales, and on the effectiveness of institutions including police, lawyers, and courts

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