Oct 31st 2016

Assessment for Learning in STEM Teaching (FutureLearn)

Get to grips with Assessment for Learning with one of three courses for teachers from the National STEM Learning Centre.

Assessment for Learning (AfL) is a term that’s widely used in education, but applied in ways that are variable in their effectiveness. This free online course - designed for STEM teachers in primary and secondary schools, and sixth form and further education colleges - will help you understand and use it more effectively.

Understand Assessment for Learning in theory and practice

Through this course, you’ll understand:

- the theory and science behind effective Assessment for Learning;

- how to use Assessment for Learning to elicit evidence about what’s going on in your learners’ minds;

- how to use this evidence formatively with your learners in your laboratory and classroom;

- how to write, judge and use the hinge questions that are central to Assessment for Learning in STEM.