The Art of Photography (Open2Study)

The Art of Photography (Open2Study)
A practical course introducing you to a range of skills and concepts to broaden your understanding of contemporary photography. You will learn about photography as a visual art practice, and how this can help you to become an engaging and active photographer. You will explore the work and concepts of contemporary photographic artists, which may trigger a new interest in what you photograph. In addition to this, you will also learn some of the practical skills required to further explore photography in exciting and creative ways. Finally, we look at the idea of a “digital darkroom” and explore ways that you can further your interest in photography through post-production knowledge and techniques.

What will you learn?

- How to understand exposure and digital capture

- The “language” of creative expression and how this can improve your own photography

- Identify pixels and levels and how they construct a photographic image

- How to use key features on your digital camera

- What is RAW, and the reasons why you should use it

- The key contemporary photographic narratives, and ways in which they can help you think about your own photography

- How a lens draws the image, and how this can help you make more effective compositions

- How aperture and shutter speed works

- How to understand some of the tools and functions of image editing software

- How to navigate some of the hardware choices available to contemporary photographers

- Ways to consider what kind of photographer you might be, and ways this can help you to determine subject matter