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May 30th 2016

Discover the world of mobile robots - how they move, how they interact with the world, and how to build them! From the surface of Mars to your living room floor, mobile robots can be found in some surprising places. Together we’ll explore how and why. We’ll look at how robots move, how they sense the world around them and how they make decisions. Then we’ll put all this together and apply what we’ve learned to build our own mobile robot.

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May 9th 2016

Control of Mobile Robots is a course that focuses on the application of modern control theory to the problem of making robots move around in safe and effective ways. The structure of this class is somewhat unusual since it involves many moving parts - to do robotics right, one has to go from basic theory all the way to an actual robot moving around in the real world, which is the challenge we have set out to address through the different pieces in the course.

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Mar 14th 2016

Aimed at a general business audience, this course demystifies artificial intelligence, provides an overview of a wide range of cognitive technologies, and offers a framework to help you understand their business implications. Some experts have called artificial intelligence "more important than anything since the industrial revolution."[i] That makes this course essential for professionals working in business, operations, strategy, IT, and other disciplines. Throughout the course, participants will build a knowledge base on cognitive technologies to equip them to engage in discussions with colleagues, customers, and suppliers and help them shape cognitive technology strategy in their organization.

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Feb 22nd 2016

Explore the history, anatomy and intelligence of robots with this free online course. Test drive robots using exciting simulations.

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Aug 10th 2015

This course is an introduction to the exciting world of robotics and the mathematics and algorithms that underpin it. You’ll develop an understanding of the representation of pose and motion, kinematics, dynamics and control. You’ll also be introduced to the variety of robots and the diversity of tasks to which this knowledge and skills can be applied, the role of robots in society, and associated ethical issues.

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Jun 15th 2015

Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots – basic concepts and algorithms for locomotion, perception, and intelligent navigation.

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May 11th 2015

This course describes the computational principles of binaural hearing ; how these principles could be implemented on a robot head and how they could lead towards robust interaction capabilities.

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May 5th 2015

You will learn how to infer the position of the quadrotor from its sensor readings and how to navigate it along a trajectory.

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Apr 21st 2015

Este MOOC se dirige a profesorado relacionado con el ámbito tecnológico, extensible también a personas que tengan interés por conocer el funcionamiento del programa Scratch y de su integración con las placas Arduino, para diseñar robots y videojuegos. El objetivo del MOOC es dotar de recursos pedagógicos para la programación de videojuegos y su uso en las aulas.

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Mar 16th 2015

This course will cover robots and robotics in a way that will provide students with an appreciation of the charming and fascinating world of the robot.

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Jan 12th 2015

The course aims to provide a foundation in artificial intelligence techniques for planning, with an overview of the wide spectrum of different problems and approaches, including their underlying theory and their applications. The January 2015 session was the final version of the course. It will remain open so that those interested can register and access all the materials.

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Oct 13th 2014

This course will teach you the cognitive science background and the programming bases to design robots and virtual agents capable of autonomous cognitive development driven by their intrinsic motivation.

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Jun 9th 2014

A mathematical introduction to the mechanics and control of robots.

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Mar 28th 2014

A rigorous introduction to the mechanics, planning, and control of robots.

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