Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology is the largest and oldest technological university in the Netherlands. Our research is inspired by the desire to increase fundamental understanding, as well as by societal challenges. We encourage our students to be independent thinkers so they will become engineers capable of solving complex problems. Our students have chosen Delft University of Technology because of our reputation for quality education and research.
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Policy and Management of Modern Energy Systems (edX)

Gain insight into the technology, economics, governance and management of the energy system and its current transitions to combat climate change so you can take appropriate decisions and design feasible policies.

Business Implications of Intelligent and Integrated Energy Systems (edX)

Learn how digital technologies help with the energy transition and then how to use this to develop future potential business models in various energy and energy-dependent sectors. This course focuses on the emerging digitalization-based business models in the energy systems field. You will study how digital technologies can aid [...]

AI in Practice: Applying AI (edX)

Learn about the practical aspects of Artificial Intelligence and how to write a plan for applying AI in your own organization in a step-by-step manner. This course is not about difficult algorithms and complex programming; it is a course for anyone interested in learning how to integrate AI into [...]

AI in Practice: Preparing for AI (edX)

Learn to recognize and understand the implications of Artificial Intelligence for organizations, and the importance of compliance and ethics when AI is applied in practice. This course is not about difficult algorithms and complex programming; it is a course for anyone interested in learning about the benefits and implications [...]

Observation Theory: Estimating the Unknown (edX)

Learn how to estimate parameters from observational data for real-world engineering applications and assess the quality of the results. Are you an engineer, scientist or technician? Are you dealing with measurements or big data, but are you unsure about how to proceed? This is the course that teaches you [...]

Sustainable Energy: Design a Renewable Future (edX)

Learn how to make the transition to 100% renewable energy from wind, solar and biomass for electricity, heat and fuels for a sustainable future. A transition to sustainable energy is needed for our climate and welfare. In this engineering course, you will learn how to assess the potential for [...]

Geoscience: the Earth and its Resources (edX)

Your introduction to modern Earth Sciences with application to the Geology of hydrocarbon and water. Are you fascinated by Geosciences and willing to take the challenge of predicting the nature and behavior of the Earth subsurface? This is your course!

Industrial Biotechnology (edX)

Learn the basics of sustainable processing for biobased products to further understand their impact on global sustainability. As fossil-based fuels and raw materials contribute to climate change, the use of renewable materials and energy as an alternative is increasingly important and common. This transition is not a luxury, but [...]

Development and Applications of Germanium Quantum Technologies (edX)

Unravel the physics behind Germanium qubits, their fabrication process, control, and applications. Learn how to apply machine learning for auto-tuning, and how to perform quantum error correction and quantum algorithms.

Machine Learning for Semiconductor Quantum Devices (edX)

Learn how to deploy artificial intelligence to control and calibrate semiconductor quantum computing chips. Quantum computing is a fast-growing technology and semiconductor chips are one of the most promising platforms for quantum devices. The current bottleneck for scaling is the ability to control semiconductor computing chips quickly and [...]