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Oct 2nd 2017

Discover just some of the ways that heroism and the First World War is portrayed through art and film. The centenary of the First World War is a time for reflection and exploration. In this short course you will discover just some of the ways that heroism is portrayed through art and film.

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Apr 24th 2017

Change the way you see World War 1 as you explore stories of hope, suffering and loss from newly released historical archives.

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Apr 4th 2017

Learn how philosophers responded to the First World War and how the war changed philosophical reflection.

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Jan 30th 2017

Learn how the Allies defeat the Germans in World War 1, how the memory arose that the war was futile, and why this view is untrue. What is your understanding of World War I? Brave men led to their deaths by stupid officers? A war of trenches, mud and barbed wire in which there was no victor? In this short, free online course, we offer you the opportunity to uncover both the mechanics and the memory of the Great War.

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Nov 16th 2015

Discover the traumatic effects of war on those that survive it, from the soldiers on the front lines to the civilians at home.

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Oct 26th 2015

Learn how the war moved us away from traditional views of heroism and created new kinds of heroes and heroines.

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Jul 13th 2015

Investigate how the white heat of innovation in World War 1 shaped the history of human flight.

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Jun 22nd 2015

This course reassesses the legacy of the Paris Peace Conference (1919) and how it sought to create a new world order.

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Apr 27th 2015

Comment la Grande Guerre a été vécue, perçue et représentée par les contemporains des événements? Pourquoi les années 1914-1918 sont-elles fondamentales pour comprendre les XXème et XXIème siècles ?

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