Writing for Video Games Professional Certificate

Acquire the globally in-demand skills necessary to succeed as a writer in the fast-growing world of video games.
As the gaming industry matures, excellence in writing and game narrative has become increasingly important to the success of both major studio titles and independent games. Through this interactive medium, writers and game developers are telling stories in new and exciting ways. To meet this need, studios are hiring increasing numbers of writers and narrative designers.
In this Professional Certificate Program, you’ll learn the tools and techniques of writing for video games in a comprehensive program designed by successful, working game writers and teachers. From story and character development to worldbuilding and interactive narrative, this Certificate will help you excel in a business that requires creative, flexible team players.
If you choose the verified track, you will gain additional access to interviews with game industry experts as well as targeted writing assignments that will help you build a portfolio of work suitable for applying to a wide variety of industry positions, or assist you in moving into a writing role in an existing video game company. In our final course, Working as a Game Writer, verified learners will receive direct feedback from our faculty on their final portfolios.
UBC’s School of Creative Writing has been a global leader in writing education for more than 50 years. We are innovative pioneers of multi-genre writing instruction, both in-class and online, and have been offering courses in video game writing since 2017.

What you will learn
- The crucial differences between traditional storytelling and writing for video games.
- The writer and narrative designer’s role in the game development process.
- How to develop characters and write scenes that serve both the narrative and the production of a game.
- How to work with art directors, programmers and level designers to create interactive narratives.
- How to develop an application portfolio and excel at industry-standard writing tests.

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