Sustainable Business Models

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Business Models For Sustainability (Coursera)

This course was created by some of the leading researchers on business model theory and social entrepreneurship in Europe in collaboration with both small and large companies across various sectors investing in sustainable business model innovation. This course provides an overview of sustainable business model theory and innovation and [...]

Sustainable Business Models: Guidance for Future Farmers (edX)

In this course of 5 modules, our team of experts from both academic and non-academic institutes will introduce you to strategic planning for farming businesses of the 21st century. At the end of the course, you will be able to create and refine a Business Model.

Sustainable Business Models in Microfinance (edX)

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Sustainable Business Models in Microfinance (edX)
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Comprehend Ecosystem of Microfinance and its impact on inclusive growth through studying sustainable microfinance business models. Comprehend the ecosystem of microfinance, understand its impact on inclusive growth, and learn to identify sustainable business models financing Micro Enterprises and Livelihood [...]