Sustainable Building Construction

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Zero-Energy Design: an approach to make your building sustainable (edX)

Learn how to get to a net zero energy use of an existing building. Reduction of energy consumption of buildings is an important step in the move towards a sustainable economy. How can buildings be made net zero energy, in different climates?

Circular Economy for a Sustainable Built Environment (edX)

Learn how the principles of the Circular Economy can be applied to the built environment ranging from products and buildings to metropolitan and regional development strategies. In this course you will become familiar with circularity as a systemic, multi-disciplinary approach, concerned with the different scale, from material to product, [...]

Sustainable Building Design (edX)

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Sustainable Building Design (edX)
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Learn and explore key scientific principles, technologies, and analysis techniques for designing comfortable indoor environments while reducing energy use and associated climate change effects. In this course, you'll be introduced to a range of technologies and analysis techniques for designing comfortable, resource-efficient [...]