Security Awareness

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Phishing Attacks (Totem)

Think before you click. Phishing happens to everyone, but most people only become aware of it once they have become a victim of an attack. Protecting yourself from phishing attacks starts with identifying an email or message as an attack before you click on the link or download the [...]

Secure Messaging Apps (Totem)

Write, send, deliver: How to message more securely. Messaging apps have become a key communication tool. We share a large amount of personal and professional messages, pictures, videos and attachments through messaging apps, but rarely question who might have access to this content.

Secure Passwords (Totem)

Pa$$word123, really? Follow your guide to good password management. By this point in the evolution of technology, most of us have a fairly large number of online accounts to keep track of, and to keep safe. It seems like we need multiple accounts for everything - email, messaging, social [...]