Psychology of Conflict Management Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
Analyze and model situations of divergence and conflicts.
Negotiate optimally and master strategies leading to mutually beneficial outcomes.
Manage a mediation involving people around you either face to face or virtually.
Adopt a critical posture regarding one's own and others’ conflict styles
Identify the value of cooperative conflict management strategies.

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Conflict Management: Mediation (edX)

Learn the fundamentals of mediation as a conflict management strategy to effectively help others address their own conflicts. In the last decades mediation has become an essential method of conflict management. Indeed, contrary to traditional legal procedures (e.g., trials), mediation is a way to resolve divergences which is less [...]

Conflict Management: Negotiation (edX)

Learn the fundamentals of negotiation as a conflict management strategy and identify the strategies that will lead you to optimal outcomes and negotiation success. Negotiation is an essential skill. We negotiate every day, in all spheres of our existence: at work, with family, friends etc. whether we intend to [...]

Introduction to Conflict Management (edX)

Learn the fundamentals about the psychological aspects of conflicts, get acquainted to conflict management strategies and identify your own conflict style. Conflict management is an essential skill. Any individual who masters it will not only become more efficient in their private and professional life but will also be able [...]