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Technology of modern composite materials with carbon fillers (Coursera)

The course will help train specialists in the field of processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, creating effective chemical means for protecting agricultural plants and animals, new materials, including advanced alloys (superalloys), advanced polymers, advanced composite materials, advanced ceramic materials, metal powders and metal-powder compositions, and metamaterials. The purpose of [...]

Plastics in Infrastructure and the Environment (edX)

May 16th 2022
Plastics in Infrastructure and the Environment (edX)
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Through this course, students will gain an appreciation of the complexity of issues surrounding polymers in civil and environmental engineering. During this course, you will examine the fundamental concepts that are the foundation of polymer science and engineering and gain an appreciation of the field’s complexity and multidisciplinary nature. [...]

Consumer and Environmental Safety: Food Packaging and Kitchenware (FutureLearn)

Discover the importance of kitchenware and packaging that is safe for people and the environment alike. Food safety is highly regulated. Yet, one blind spot is the migration of molecules from contact materials in kitchenware into food. Particular attention needs to be placed on chemicals present at low doses [...]

Fundamentos de la obtención, estructura y modificación de materiales poliméricos (edX)

Aprende sobre la gran versatilidad de los polímeros en aplicaciones cotidianas así como también en sectores altamente tecnológicos como la aeronáutica, los deportes de competición y el sector médico. Los materiales poliméricos, se consideran materiales con un gran potencial de uso en el ámbito de la ingeniería. Actualmente, los [...]