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'Talk to me': Improving mental health and suicide prevention in young adults (edX)

As a student, parent, teacher, coach, or health professional, learn strategies to help improve the mental health of young people in your life, recognise concerning behaviours, and feel better prepared to have conversations about mental health. Poor mental health affects one in four people, and young adults are particularly [...]

Managing Study, Stress and Mental Health at University (edX)

Develop a clearer understanding of what mental health is, and learn how best to recognise and respond to mental health concerns, such as negative thoughts and behaviours, in yourself and others. This short course is a German-Australian collaboration developed in response to the growing need to provide students with [...]

Mental Skills Training for Sport and Health (FutureLearn)

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Mental Skills Training for Sport and Health (FutureLearn)
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Learn how techniques from sport psychology can be used to enhance your own sports performance or that of your clients. Learn sports psychology to improve physical performance in yourself or others. We all experience changing levels of motivation, self-confidence, and anxiety depending on the situation we’re in. On this [...]