Leadership Essentials Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
- Enhance and tailor written, verbal, and non-verbal communication to various workplace audiences, including managers, co-workers, direct reports, and clients.
- Improve critical thinking and listening skills to respond to the needs of various constituents in workplace settings.
- Develop skills in leadership, problem-solving, conflict management, and other critical group dynamics.

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Teamwork & Collaboration (edX)

Learn essential teamwork and collaboration skills to lead, build and motivate teams in the workplace. In today’s workplace, professionals don’t work alone, and rarely work with just one other person. More often, we are required to work in groups to strategize, design solutions, ideate, motivate, manage, and [...]

Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving (edX)

The most successful professionals are able to assess the environment, analyze a situation, design a solution, and ultimately win in a competitive scenario. In today’s business environment, organizations have identified critical thinking and problem-solving as skills that are integral to an employee’s—and their [...]

Business Communication (edX)

Learn how to effectively communicate and build professional relationships through face-to-face, written, and non-verbal communication. Business communication is vital to professional success. You will learn techniques to effectively and succinctly articulate your business ideas to a diverse range of audiences to ensure they understand even the most complex [...]