Leadership Essentials for Engineers Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
- How to apply a set of practical analytical techniques to support business planning and strategic decision making
- How to encourage multiple stakeholders with different interests to cooperate
- How to recognize team dynamics and handle both individual and team issues
- How to gain support from senior management and your teams

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Framing Your Communication to Inspire and Convince (edX)

Discover how to gain support from management and motivate your teams by learning how to communicate effectively and strategically. In order to be effective, leaders need a high tolerance of complexity. Beyond this, they need to inform their people and the outside world of their strategies, policies and decisions. [...]

Dealing with Power and Dynamics: Discover Your Leadership Style and Influence Stakeholders (edX)

Learn to lead teams and manage stakeholders effectively and strategically to encourage cooperation and successful performance. Engineers have unique skills that give them the potential to be highly competent business leaders. As leaders, engineers have clear advantages: they are analytical, technically skilled, project-based, good with numbers and well-used to [...]

Effective Decision Making: Dealing with Business Complexity (edX)

Learn how to solve complex problems in a business environment using analysis-based decision making. As an engineer in a leadership position, you will be faced with new responsibilities and tasks. These may include developing a business (unit) strategy and a business plan or being involved in strategic planning. Your [...]