Global Markets

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Supply chain management: Be global (Coursera)

Businesses and their supply chains are facing increasing competition and uncertainty in what is now a truly globalised trade environment. To remain competitive, organisations need to think globally – ensuring supply chains meet customer demands while minimising costs and maximising responsiveness.

Emerging Markets - Jagdish Sheth (Coursera)

This course identifies five dimensions where emerging markets are different. The traditional approach of think global, act local (glocal) is replaced by a new perspective of think local, act global, especially in large emerging markets such as China and India.

Global Strategy II: Doing Business in The Global Economy (Coursera)

This course explores the ways firms overcome challenges when operating globally. The global economy is characterized for its high complexity and uncertainty. Corporations trying to succeed in the global economy need to develop different types of strategies depending on where they are conducting business or what type business [...]

Sustainable Development: The Post-Capitalist Order (edX)

Sustainable development represents a shift from our current system of inequitable capitalism to one that prioritizes prosperity for all, while remaining conscious of its environmental impact and sustainability for future generations. Learn why sustainable development has been adopted by countries and multilateral organizations around the world, and how this [...]

Introduction to Investments (edX)

Learn about equity markets and security valuation. When you complete this course, you will become familiar with the general structure of primary and secondary equity markets from a domestic and international perspective. Beginning with introductory finance notions of risk and return, we examine qualitative concepts such as market efficiency [...]