Feature Engineering

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Applied Data Science for Data Analysts (Coursera)

In this course, you will develop your data science skills while solving real-world problems. You'll work through the data science process to and use unsupervised learning to explore data, engineer and select meaningful features, and solve complex supervised learning problems using tree-based models. You will also learn to apply [...]

Data Processing and Feature Engineering with MATLAB (Coursera)

In this course, you will build on the skills learned in Exploratory Data Analysis with MATLAB to lay the foundation required for predictive modeling. This intermediate-level course is useful to anyone who needs to combine data from multiple sources or times and has an interest in modeling.

Build, Train, and Deploy ML Pipelines using BERT (Coursera)

Dec 5th 2022
Build, Train, and Deploy ML Pipelines using BERT (Coursera)
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In the second course of the Practical Data Science Specialization, you will learn to automate a natural language processing task by building an end-to-end machine learning pipeline using Hugging Face’s highly-optimized implementation of the state-of-the-art BERT algorithm with Amazon SageMaker Pipelines. Your pipeline will first transform the dataset into [...]
Dec 5th 2022
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Exploratory Data Analysis for Machine Learning (Coursera)

This first course in the IBM Machine Learning Professional Certificate introduces you to Machine Learning and the content of the professional certificate. In this course you will realize the importance of good, quality data. You will learn common techniques to retrieve your data, clean it, apply feature engineering, and [...]

Design of bulk nanostructured metal materials (Coursera)

At the turn of the XX-XXI centuries, breakthrough directions in the creation of new principles for the formation of active, adaptive and intelligent materials and systems were outlined in materials science. These principles are based on the latest fundamental achievements of related sciences and the capabilities of computer modeling. [...]

Big Data Applications: Machine Learning at Scale (Coursera)

Machine learning is transforming the world around us. To become successful, you’d better know what kinds of problems can be solved with machine learning, and how they can be solved. Don’t know where to start? The answer is one button away.