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Community Engagement in Research and Population Health (Coursera)

Jul 4th 2022
Community Engagement in Research and Population Health (Coursera)
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Welcome to the Community Engagement in Population Health course! As you will learn, the health system is in the midst of a critical transition. The current system is not sustainable with escalating costs, mediocre health outcomes, and unacceptable disparities. This course will first discuss the current [...]

Saúde Baseada em Evidências (Coursera)

Por que as informações na área da saúde são tão conflitantes? Existe algum lugar em que a informação sobre saúde é confiável? O que devo considerar ao deparar com alguma novidade que parece mágica? Como o sistema de saúde é afetado por essas questões? Essas e outras perguntas nortearam [...]

What Works in Education: Evidence-Based Education Policies (edX)

Learn what works in education and how to identify, analyze and implement evidence-based education policies that improve learning. This course summarizes the main theoretical and practical research surrounding evidence-based education policies and delves into the key improvements and challenges observed in education systems in Latin America and the [...]

Making Evidence-Based Strategic Decisions (edX)

Drive alignment among managers, employees and the organizational goals through data analytics and data products. This course on digital transformation will show you how to turn your organization into a decision-making factory. What makes a good business decision? How can we combine effective data analytics and feed robust foresight [...]