Ethical Leadership Specialization

Welcome to the Specialization in Ethical Leadership! Over the course of a few months, we aim to help you understand how to “Grow the Good in Business” through leadership centered in personal integrity, conviction, and values. Corporate culture is often criticized for valuing short-term gains over long-term growth and concern for others. At Notre Dame, our approach integrates ethical, social, and environmental issues into traditional business courses. Our aim is to equip you with cross-functional intelligence, a balanced worldview, and a proper sense of moral purpose that can prepare you to contribute, cooperate, compete, and lead ethically in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

What You Will Learn:
- Identify ethical & unethical leadership practices
- Know the moral purpose of business
- Incorporate business & technical skills into a moral worldview
- Identify the main elements of a market economy
- Explain how a market economy is supposed to work
- Evaluate the strongest arguments for supporting a market economy
- Evaluate the objections to the role of business in a market economy
- Reflect on the role of business in a just and humane society
- Create a personal vision statement for an honorable professional life

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Why Business? What is the Role of Business in a Just and Humane Society (Coursera)

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Ethics of Communication (Coursera)

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Ethics of Technology (Coursera)

This course explores the ethical implications of data analytics. It connects old ideas – privacy, surveillance, power, justice, accountability, corporate responsibility, stakeholder theory – with new technologies and cases, such as the use of machine learning to predict crime. The course will prepare you to evaluate strategic [...]