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Estimación de la línea base de tiempos y costos (Coursera)

Mar 27th 2023
Estimación de la línea base de tiempos y costos (Coursera)
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Bienvenido al curso Estimación de la línea base de tiempos y costos. Este es el tercer curso que forma parte del programa especializado en Gerencia de proyectos complejos de ingeniería, ofertado por la Universidad de los Andes, disponible en la plataforma de Coursera. Soy Andrés Felipe Gómez y te [...]

Essential Epidemiologic Tools for Public Health Practice (Coursera)

In order to make a difference in the health and well-being of a population, we must understand the burden of all problems and conditions that affect the population, as well as how well our efforts to mitigate these problems are actually working. This course provides you with some essential [...]

Statistical Inference for Estimation in Data Science (Coursera)

This course introduces statistical inference, sampling distributions, and confidence intervals. Students will learn how to define and construct good estimators, method of moments estimation, maximum likelihood estimation, and methods of constructing confidence intervals that will extend to more general settings. [...]

Combining and Analyzing Complex Data (Coursera)

In this course you will learn how to use survey weights to estimate descriptive statistics, like means and totals, and more complicated quantities like model parameters for linear and logistic regressions. Software capabilities will be covered with R® receiving particular emphasis. The course will also cover the [...]

Robotics: Estimation and Learning (Coursera)

How can robots determine their state and properties of the surrounding environment from noisy sensor measurements in time? In this module you will learn how to get robots to incorporate uncertainty into estimating and learning from a dynamic and changing world. Specific topics that will be covered [...]

Robotics: Perception (Coursera)

How can robots perceive the world and their own movements so that they accomplish navigation and manipulation tasks? In this module, we will study how images and videos acquired by cameras mounted on robots are transformed into representations like features and optical flow. Such 2D representations allow us then [...]

Intro to Inferential Statistics (Udacity)

Self Paced
Intro to Inferential Statistics (Udacity)
Free Course
Making Predictions from Data. Inferential statistics allows us to draw conclusions from data that might not be immediately obvious. This course focuses on enhancing your ability to develop hypotheses and use common tests such as t-tests, ANOVA tests, and regression to validate your claims.

Question Everything: Scientific Thinking in Real Life (edX)

Learn how to use math and science to solve everyday problems and better prepare yourself to continue studying science in high school and beyond. Have you ever wondered how you can apply math and science skills to real life? Do you wish you could go beyond what you've learned [...]

Statistics: Unlocking the World of Data (edX)

Explore the ideas and methods behind the statistics you encounter in everyday life. Data is everywhere, from the media to the health sciences, and from financial forecasting to engineering design. It drives our decisions, and shapes our views and beliefs. But how can we make sense of it? This [...]

Statistics 2 Part 2: Statistical Inference (edX)

The final part in a series of four courses which help you to master statistics fundamentals and build your quantitative skillset for progression in high-growth careers, or to use as step towards further study at undergraduate level.