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Introduction to International Criminal Law (Coursera)

From the Nuremberg trial to the case against Saddam Hussein, from the prosecution of Al-Qaeda terrorists to the trial of Somali pirates – no area of law is as important to world peace and security as international criminal law. Taught by one of the world’s leading experts in the [...]
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International Law in Action: the Arbitration of International Disputes (Coursera)

‘The Arbitration of International Disputes’ is the third course of Leiden University’s series on International Law in Action. The first course covered generalities on the international courts and tribunals in The Hague, while the second course provided an insider's perspective into the work of international criminal courts [...]
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Introducción a la Conducta criminal y psicopatía (Miríada X)

Al terminar el curso los estudiantes deberían conocer los factores neurobiológicos y psicológicos que determinan las conductas violentas, las personalidades con mayor tendencia a actividades criminales y las características del psicópata y su modos de actuación.
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Forensic Science and Criminal Justice (FutureLearn)

Learn how police use science in criminal investigations and its role in the criminal justice system with this free online course.
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Investigative Concepts: FBI Major Case #203 "Pizza Bomber" (

Feb 22nd 2016
Investigative Concepts: FBI Major Case #203 "Pizza Bomber" (
Free Course
This six-week course is designed to help the criminal justice student learn how to gather, analyze, and process data in the course of large scale criminal case investigations.
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