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Creating a Personalized Learning Environment in the Classroom (Coursera)

The course provides an overview of current pedagogical, psychological and philosophical theories and approaches, accompanied by a large practical block on the design of personalized learning environment in the classroom. The broad goal of this course is to spread relevant pedagogical solutions to a wide range of teachers. An [...]

Best Practice for Education: Professional Development Showcase (FutureLearn)

Explore the wealth of expertise in teaching available from world leading institutions within the Australian State of Victoria. Discover practical ways of teaching to support your students. Are you a teacher looking to learn how to embed exciting and emerging teaching practices successfully but are under time-constraints? If so, [...]

Hybrid Courses: Best of Both Worlds (

Aug 4th 2014
Hybrid Courses: Best of Both Worlds (
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Are you a Higher Ed instructor or K-12 educator? Double your impact by taking advantage of both the classroom and online environments. Explore methods to effectively combine the two formats and build a class community that engages students and supports active learning in any subject area.