Central Limit Theorem

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Probability Theory (edX)

This course provides an introduction to probability theory. You will encounter discrete and continuous random variables and learn in which situations they appear, what their properties are and how they interact. A strong foundation in mathematics is critical for success in all science and engineering disciplines. Whether you want [...]

Further Mathematics Year 13 course 2: Applications of Differential Equations, Momentum, Work, Energy & Power, The Poisson Distribution, The Central Limit Theorem, Chi Squared Tests, Type I and II Errors (edX)

Develop your thinking skills, fluency and confidence in the applied mathematics content of A-level further maths and prepare for undergraduate STEM degrees. This course by Imperial College London is designed to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in your A-level further maths exams. You will investigate [...]

Data Analysis for Social Scientists (edX)

Learn methods for harnessing and analyzing data to answer questions of cultural, social, economic, and policy interest. This statistics and data analysis course will introduce you to the essential notions of probability and statistics.