Business Innovation and Digital Disruption Specialization

Leverage Innovation to Increase Market Share. Learn how to use creative strategies and practices to transform your business.
In this specialization, participants master the basics of design thinking and its application to business development and innovation. They learn how to identify challenges and validate opportunities in order to drive commercial success using various design methodologies. Remapping the newly defined business model canvas is an important part of the specialization.
The specialization also encompasses the technical side of business modeling and strategy development. It highlights the difference between being digital and going digital and how that affects companies’ internal workings as well as end users. Participants gain an understanding of marketing fundamentals and how to leverage them to reposition their brand and their new value proposition in the market using their brand as a strategic asset.
What You will Learn:
- Fundamentals of design thinking and its application for business development and innovation
- How to formulate and express your strategy, and the impact of digital disruption on organizations
- Fundamentals of marketing and how to reposition your brand
- Understand the importance of design and the responsibilities of designers

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