Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods MicroMasters

What you will learn:
- Use essential analytics tools like R, Python, SQL, and more.
- Understand fundamental models and methods of analytics, and how and when to apply them.
- Learn to build a data analysis pipeline, from collection and storage through analysis and interactive visualization.
- Apply your new analytics skills in a business context to maximize your impact.

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Computing for Data Analysis (edX)

A hands-on introduction to basic programming principles and practice relevant to modern data analysis, data mining, and machine learning. The modern data analysis pipeline involves collection, preprocessing, storage, analysis, and interactive visualization of data. In the course, you’ll see how computing and mathematics come together. [...]

Data Analytics for Business (edX)

This course prepares students to understand business analytics and become leaders in these areas in business organizations. Today, businesses, consumers, and societies leave behind massive amounts of data as a by-product of their activities. Leading-edge companies in every industry are using analytics to replace intuition and guesswork in their [...]

Introduction to Analytics Modeling (edX)

Learn essential analytics models and methods and how to appropriately apply them, using tools such as R, to retrieve desired insights. Analytical models are key to understanding data, generating predictions, and making business decisions. Without models it’s nearly impossible to gain insights from data. [...]