Vanessa Sayos del Castillo

A Spanish national, born and raised in Barcelona, she studied political science and business at the Independent University of Barcelona [Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona; UAB] and at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. She went on to earn a master's degree in international relations from the Diplomatic School of Madrid [Escuela Diplomática de Madrid], a postgraduate degree with a focus on political and electoral management from UAB, and a master of fine arts (MFA) from New York University (NYU) where she also obtained a professional certification in project management, as well as a PMP certificate from the Project Management Institute. For over 15 years, Vanessa has worked in project management in the public sector, initially in Spain's Ministry of Economy with reimbursable cooperation funding and later in charge of governance projects with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID). Since 2012 she has been a consultant to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), leading workshops on project planning in the start-up and advanced execution phases and facilitating project management courses using the PM4R methodology for public implementation units and civil society organizations.

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Risk Management in Development Projects (edX)

Learn to preemptively manage positive and negative events that may affect the execution of a development project. Project teams usually spend a large portion of their time solving problems instead of preventing them. Project risk management seeks to preemptively manage positive and negative events that may affect a project [...]
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Gestión de riesgos en proyectos de desarrollo (edX)

Aprende a gestionar anticipadamente los eventos positivos y negativos que pueden afectar la ejecución de un proyecto de desarrollo.
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Gestão de riscos em projetos (edX)

Aprenda a gerenciar com antecedência os eventos positivos e negativos que possam afetar a execução de um projeto de desenvolvimento. É comum ver equipes de projetos tendo que investir grande parte de seu tempo para resolver problemas em vez de preveni-los. A gestão de riscos de projetos procura gerenciar [...]
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Gestão de Projetos de Desenvolvimento (edX)

Aprenda melhores práticas de gestão de projetos para promover o desenvolvimento social e econômico da América Latina e do Caribe.
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Gestion de projets de développement (edX)

Apprenez les meilleures pratiques de gestion de projet pour promouvoir le développement socioéconomique en Amérique latine et dans les Caraïbes. Jour après jour les institutions publiques, les organisations non gouvernementales, les agences de développement ainsi que d'autres acteurs travaillant en faveur du développement économique et social en Amérique latine [...]
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